Friday, November 6, 2015

Microphone Shockmounts - it's the little things that count

In what may be the finishing touch of my (what I call them now) Dantone/WAC DW-276 microphones, I have finally arrived at a respectable shock mount, that's a lot better than the one that comes with the Apex 460.

I bought a shockmount on ebay from a seller called Q-Mic who also has a website  The wing bolt in my hand (picture below) is what came with the mount.  It's too small, and roughly machined, so the mic never gets quite tight enough.  The mic tends to sag and fall sometimes, which drives me crazy.

My solution was to use a Pearl Wing Bolt, a piece of drum hardware I also was using in my Eliminator kick drum pedal, I had a few spares, and it fit perfectly into the shockmout, using a couple of the washers it came with.  What luck!

Now it gets super snug, "that thing ain't going anywhere" am I right?  And the contoured chrome look of it just adds that nice hint of Bling to the affair.  I'm happy.

It looks like Q Mic may have improved some of their mic mounts since I bought these, but maybe this could come in handy if you happen to own a shockmount with a crappy tension bolt on it like mine.  It seems like metalwork in general is pretty iffy on a lot of the cheaper Chinese stuff.  It's amazing what a quality $4 bolt will do.

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