Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Korg Monotribe noise mute modification

If you send this contact to a switch, and connect the other end of the switch to a ground point, you can mute the noise.  What I was not expecting is this also mutes the hi-hat, and the snare noise, so all you're left with on the drum sound is a low thud (the kick) and a slightly higher thud (what's left of the snare).

I don't know how useful this mod is, it was a bit of an experiment.  You can quickly toggle the noise on an off to musical effect, stutter.  You can also toggle away the hats, snare noise to thud-ify your drum beat, to musical effect, sort of a "drop."  Kind of cool, time will tell how much I use this switch.  I kind of like musical moments like these.  When I pull back the noise on a drum loop I am reminded of certain Radiohead moments.